Bodyglide® van Body-guard, hét middel dat veilig gebruikt kan worden voor het herstellen van de huid.

Bodyglide® replaces all your other pots from the bathroom. Forget your separate jar of day cream, night cream, anti-wrinkle cream, body lotion, to take off make-up, after-shave and so on.

With Bodyglide® you have all these products in 1 bottle. In addition, you can also use bodyglide perfectly as a (intimate) massage oil.

Bodyglide® does not stain, leaves a greasy layer and is also odorless and tasteless.

In short, with Bodyglide® you will not find any product in your bathroom too short.

Bodyglide® Body-guard will not only save you space in your cabinets, it will also save you money on beauty products and reduce your waste mountain.

Bodyglide® from Body-guard is silky smooth, does not stick and is not greasy.

Bodyglide® van Body-guard is pH neutral and anti-allergic.

This bottle is a must have in any bathroom!

Bodyglide® van Body-guard is PH-neutraal en anti-allergisch.

Dit flesje is een must in elke badkamer!

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